O  U  R      S  T  O  R  Y


Hello Marcellians!


I’m Sarabelle – mother, daughter, sister, cheerleader, friend and entrepreneur.


First of all, thank you for embracing Marcella & Co and making us a part of your life. I am beyond delighted to be able to share my passion for beauty and connecting with women worldwide through curating beauty products that I love and adore.


In Latin, Marcella means a strong woman. A reminder, what epic, awesome women we are!


My source of inspiration is definitely my lovely daughter Marcella, the very reason for Marcella & Co.


Like you, I want our girls to have boundless opportunities….


I want my daughter to grow up living life to the fullest, have fun, appreciate herself, love and give unconditionally and fulfill her dreams.



I’m nurturing her to grow up into a woman who takes charge and OWN IT! To be a woman who knows that her beauty, her health, her life are gifts for her to make a difference in this world.


Driven by love, I created products that empower us as women. Products that make us look and feel beautiful, confident, great inside and out.


Products that always lift us up. Products that are safe and easy to use. Products that appreciate and understand us, women.


Most of all, products that enable me and you to give and help children and other women be their best and live up to their potential.


I hope you will continuously support our brand and love our products as I love making them for you. As we always say at Marcella & Co,




Live, Love, Luxe,


O  U  R      P  R  O  M  I  S  E

Marcella & Co  promises fun, easy to use, high quality products that give back to the community.


We believe in:


  • Using the best premium ingredients.
  • Vegan, Halal and 100% cruelty free.
  • Pretty packaging (I mean who doesn’t like pretty packaging.)
  • Fun, innovative designs.
  • Hassle free & easy to use products.
  • Giving 10% of what we make to improve the lives of women & children worldwide.

O  U  R     V  I  S  I  O  N

To be the most desirable health & beauty brand that inspires women globally to give unconditionally & live fearlessly!


O  U  R      M  I  S  S  I  O  N

Marcella & Co is on a mission to inspire women through our fun products:


  • To be effortlessly fearless
  • Live to their fullest
  • Make their mark
  • OWN IT!

What We Stand For



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