It’s the New Year Marcellians!
A chance for a new start and a brand-new look!
Give yourself a more exciting Marcella style-based resolution for 2017.

Recharging your spirits with a new look do wonders to your being.
Let’s also flatter and enhance the beauty that’s already YOU – year in, year out.

Exclusively for all Marcellians,
we have great tips for you to OWN this year and make it your best year yet.

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So, ready to take it up a notch? Let’s start.


Make a statement

Chunky, statement jewelry is a great way to boost simple outfits. You can totally transform a plain shirt and sweater combo with a bold, striking necklace. If you’re wearing a V-neckline top or dress, throw on a tier-structured statement necklace that follows the shape of the neckline! With the right accessories, you’ll instantly add interest and punch to your look. It gives your predictable look a hint of attitude and character.


Flaunt the body you’ve got

Pick items that flatter your limbs and curves. There’s something for every body type and size. If you’re petite, avoid overwhelming by keeping details clean and tailored. You can look taller with uninterrupted vertical lines. Monochromatic lines and keeping dark shade in the bottom make you appear slimmer.


Shine bright

Make 2017 the year you brighten up your closet with a few accent colours, instead of the standard sea of grey, brown, white, black and navy. A pop of colour can transform your style. Let your blacks and whites mix with bright colors to make you stand out more this year!

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New Cosmetic & Beauty Weapon

Let’s add a new beauty tool or shade to your current routine to energize your look. If you always use lip gloss, add in matte to your range. Marcella & Co’s Luxe Matte Lip Cream is one of the few must-have additions! Going for natural? Then put on our Gia lip cream and give extra focus on your eyelashes. Try extra curling your lashes or use the fake ones that look real to add drama without looking overly made-up. The focus this year is on fresh, flawless skin. So make sure you take extra care of your skin and drink lots of water to keep it hydrated.


Mix it up

Prints on prints are more in than ever this year! Skillfully mixing your prints immediately gives you an air of confidence and you can’t help but to stand out. Go for printed on stripes and tartan with stripes. The key is to mix smaller prints with big bolder ones. Other than the prints, keep them simple and sleek. You can never go wrong.


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