Lip Care Bundle for the Perfect pout

Lip Care Guide For The Perfect Pout

Lip Care Guide to Pouty lips

You often forget to take a good care of the lips whenever you do your daily skincare routine. It is simple but always get neglected. Not just you, but I do face the same thing too.  Hydrated and healthy looking lips can absolutely lift your appearance. Who would not want a million dollar smile? Care for the lips!


Did you realize that skin on our face comprises 16 layers and the lip skin has only 5 cellular layers? All things considered, this is the reality ladies so you should by now realize that lip skin is the most sensitive and requests care and a bit more of attention. Lip skin need to cared as it has no oil glands or hair follicles that can shield it from pollution, sun and changing climate.


Lips has the thinnest protection, hence it is important to pamper our lips to avoid that dull looking lips; The sign of aging lips. *Gasp* Lips do not demand any heavy and complicated care, so don’t you worry. I will keep it simple and short for you. To get that perfect beautiful pout, beautiful smile, I would love to share with you the lip care guide and hope this helps any lips issues that you have there! Pucker up!


Simple & Effective Lip Care Guide 

Get ready to flaunt that healthy, supple pinkish lips. Next, be happy and just keep smiling! Below are the steps for the ultimate lip care guide to follow:

Exfoliate Your Lips

Do you exfoliate you face & body weekly? I bet 80% of you do that, but not to your lips. *I’m feeling guilty too* Exfoliating helps to increase the absorption rate of the lips 10 times more and this increase the effectiveness of the products that you’re using. Exfoliating too helps to get rid of layers of the dead skin especially when you have dry chapped lips. It is a vital step to do so that when you apply a lip balm, the lip balm works well and hydrate your lips instead of failing to heal your dry lips.

Lip scrubbing does not have to be vigorous. Just scrubs it gently and in circular motion. You may use Handmade Heroes Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub in your daily routine. It smells delicious! Loaded with organic ingredients and 100% Paraben-Free. 

Lip care guide - lip scrub


Hydration: Use Lip Balm

Hydrating lips protects the lips from sun exposure and dry climate. Also, dry lips due to illness. There are a variety of lip balms out there with different concentration. You have to choose the right lip products at the right time. Lip balms that are heavy in concentration are preferable to be used if you work in a cold windy conditions or your mouth is dry due to illness or allergies.

I would talk more about the lighter concentration ones as we are in a humid climate area. Living here, does not mean that we do not need one. Air conditioned room is one of the enemy for your lips. I believe you have at least Vaseline in your collection. That is one of a good example for lighter balm. Lighter balms are a better option for those looking to hydrate throughout the day whilst working indoors, before a long-wear or liquid lipstick, or before bed as a lip treatment.

We would to share with you a great product that we personally love, which is Handmade Heroes Moroccan Mint Lip Balm to solve the issues.




We are not done yet. Let’s top it off with a color!

It’s Valentine soon, you can either go bold & sexy or the sweet & chic look. After that Goddess Care for you lip, let’s finish it by cheering them up; Go with colors!

Marcella & Co Luxe Lip Cream comes in 5 stunning, debut colors that lets you make your mark and own it! With the moisture rich, anti aging properties of Argan & Rose Hip Oil combined, your lips stay sultry & luscious throughout the day with an extra protective layer of natural Vitamin E. The amazing rose scent calms you down giving you confidence to face any challenges.

Sweet & Chic Look

Bright, Pink KALISTA allures you with her innocence. Her optimism brings out your youthfulness. Experience love at first sight with KALISTA vibrancy.

Lip-Care-Guide-For-The-Perfect-Pout- Kalista


Bold & Sexy Look

Bold, Red and Stunning, NIKITA is a show stopper and exudes luxury everywhere she goes. Get her now, and communicate confidence with her presence.


Lip Care Bundle for the Perfect poutLastly, we have some good news for you! We are collaborating with Handmade Heroes(@handmadeheroes) this Valentine by creating a Limited Edition Bundle that consists of Lip tint,  Lip scrub & our Matte Lip Cream (Nikita or Kalista; Pick 1 color of your choice)


The bundle is limited to few quantities only. We can ship this bundle to you BFF, sisters, moms or even to yourself! Just leave us some note at the checkout.

30 sets up for grabs! (Only RM100!)

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  1. Don’t use cheap cosmetics – Cheap lipsticks will make them dark and dry. Instead always use a moisturizing lipstick from brands such as Revlon, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Avon. It is also encouraged for you to coat up with some lip balm or Vaseline first before applying lipstick.

    July 17, 2018 at 5:42 am

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